Cell Phone

The aviation industry is very competitive and more now in Mexico that there have been problems with classic airlines, new airlines and those that are not so new, they are in constant work by improving their services, in order to attract the largest number of potential customers. Something what are betting much is to technology. Current airlines in addition to working to offer a better service when it comes to be flying are concerned about providing good service since before climb out to the aircraft and they are betting much on technology in mobile phones, now you can wear your airline on your cell phone. Airlines seek to be at the forefront of mobile technology and that is why you can now download the application for cell phone, the only thing you have to do is login to iTunes if you have iPhone, where you have a Blackberry or any other Smartphone you have to enter the portal designed for the aalicacion and download the application. Taking the application for cell phone You will have all the benefits offered by the airline, only that now in the Palm of your hand. You can buy tickets, check your balance of the electronic purse in case the airline Club membership, consult your travel itinerary information and share your experiences of travel via Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail..