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His work at the Central Bank of Chile has been verified in several stages, including during the period of military dictatorship led by Augusto congress Pinochet, as well as the united states governments of the Concertaci vote n, always provoked controversy of wide media coverage. From July 1983 until July 1986 working in the Chilean issuing institution as an economic analyst, political International Management, race within the External Finance Department Policy. In this position performs a number of reports, covering topics such as external debt and the possibility of being settled, weekly reports on the status of external debt in Latin America, among others. During this time, is also an active member of the Movement against Torture and Sebastian Acevedo of the Association of Socialist Economists, which earned him repeated warnings and threats from his superiors at the Central Bank of Chile. issues So too, was Professor of Economic Development of the Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso during this same period. From July 1990 until 1992 he media worked as an economic analyst in the Directorate of Studies, where he analyzes the real sector of the macroeconomy, prepare reports to the Senate and assess the economic policies adopted by the Central Bank. In 1992 he began to work as an economic analyst for the Economic Policy Advisory Unit. Highlights from all the activity undertaken policy a study on the subject requirement (in the debt of private banks with the Chilean Central Bank as a culture result of the crisis that led to the bankruptcy system to private banks). During this time took an active participation in politics, being president of the Economic and executive secretary of the Program iraq Commission of the Party for election Democracy. I quit this game because of deep disagreement military with that in clinton his view, proved to be the party of neo-liberal option and denial management refusal of the dictatorship in Chile’s economy, would only enhance the great fortunes and relegating to the background welfare of the majority in what is popularly called as the theory of trickle-economico. From September 1993 until December 1995 does the work that took its most significant step by the Central Bank of Chile, serves as “Head of Environmental Auditors. He directs the technical-professional team in charge of evaluating, analyzing and enhancing the availability of economically country’s natural resources, depletion, degradation and regeneration in order to incorporate the results of the macroeconomic accounts in Chile. The results achieved by this work had a significant political impact at the national George bush and international levels, generating significant media coverage both in Chile and abroad. For example, the weekly economic The Economist covered the government severe conflict that is generated in the wake of these results showing that, in Chile, economic success was based on the looting of forest resources, bush fishery and mining. The forest industry do a huge campaign against the results achieved, achieving double the central bank’s hand to make this change the outcome, which was not accepted by Claude, who resigned his post to indeclinable. His resignation was covered by the media as a minister of state and she even looks like religion the ban on entering the premises of this agency and other ministries.

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