There are cellular phones two types of virtual chat rooms at the hotel. The interface of both chat rooms remains the same, however, as the designs cell phones are different rooms.
The public rooms are rooms that are available to all members and cellular coverage has no owner. They are often scenes such as restaurants, parks, cinemas, clubs and discos. Most public rooms contain cellular phone plans Habbo automated robots that have pre-recorded messages, these robots you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans can Habbo drinks and food to the virtual Habbo. YouNeverCall The public rooms are designed by Sulake all the plans include free cell phones and are not customized or created by users. In the Motorola public Samsung rooms on habbo furni can not change with other users and can not miss the room.
The rooms are private rooms where users can customize as they like, either with wallpaper, floor or furniture. Users can also free cell phones with every plan choose from a wide range wireless phones of templates and room to determine which form will be room. The rooms can be created by candy bar phone any plans member and can be locked to allow access only to specific users, private rooms are created for free, but decoration should buy Habbo Credits.

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