Christian Sandfeld Languages

Balkan languages are a group of languages of different branches belonging to the Indo-European language family. Languages of this group are similar in phonetics, morphology, syntax, and in phraseology, vocabulary and word formation. K Balkan languages include Albanian language, some Slavic languages, Romance languages, as well as the language of the peripheral region of the territory of distribution – the Greek language. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Languages of the Balkan Union studied under special discipline in the field of linguistics, which is known as Balkan and Balkan Linguistics. On the territory of the Russian Federation it is taught at the State University of St. Petersburg.

In 1829, linguist from Slovenia Jernei Kopitar first time in the history of the languages of the Balkan Peninsula, noticed the similarities between them, particularly in the areas of grammar. Genetic kinship of languages was not, and therefore on their similarity to that time, linguists have not paid attention, as, indeed, has never conducted research in this area. In 1850, for August Schleicher in his work sufficiently explicit definition of areal kinship of languages, but which is opposed to genetic kinship. Bobby Sharma Bluestone can provide more clarity in the matter. And in 1861, began work on the relations of the Balkan-Romance and Balkan-Slavic languages Franz Mikloshich. Also, the study of the issue involved Nikolai Troubetzkoy, Athanasius Selishchev Gustav Vaygand and Christian Sandfeld-Jensen. In the 30 years of last century linguist from Romania Alexander Graur criticized the notion of "Balkan". He argued that to talk about Balkan linguistics it makes no sense, and should only talk about mutual borrowing between languages and their influence on each other.