PayPal is a company that allows anyone having an email address to send or receive money online using your credit card safely. It is completely free to register at PayPal create an account and you can send and receive money using PayPal only charge a small Commission to Premier users who receive payments online from your site. To open an account you must enter this paypal site in English but you can have all the information of this company in Spanish. Then register the only thing you need to do is add your credit card your credit data will be completely sure that this company uses an advanced data encryption system and nobody will ever have access to them, the only thing you have to do is keep your paypal password in a safe place to prevent someone from getting into your account without your authorization.The security of your data and transactions is the first priority of PayPal. PayPal is committed to protecting your privacy.

When you send or receives money the only information that the recipient sees are your e-mail address and the date of the say that nobody never vera its informacion.como for example numbers of credit cards, types of card (visa, master card, ect) PayPal allows that any person, business or company with an email address that send and receive payments online securely so as to create a global system of payments in real time which will allow you to send and receive payments from and to anywhere in the world in seconds. PayPal account with more than 10 million registered users, and more than 3 million business accounts. Its large global reach and growth has increased the level of acceptance of your service and it has become the leading payments network of large auction online like ebay and amazon sites. Today, with the growth of the online marketplace paypal gives us the ability to monetize our business and reach users in almost any part of the mundo.en another time will be delving into how accomplish this and to insert on our website or blog a magic button that will allow us to receive payments in minutes and be at the height of any company. Other advantages we have with paypal is that it allows us to pay online with any major credit card does not have to be precisely an international card. do not charge a penny for sending payments and you can pay at any website that accepts this method of payment.