Components of human capital

I. DAVENPORT, identifies four components: the ability, behavior, effort and time. Among these components provides an equation that management jobs is what the company invests totally in human capital. a. The capacity means expertise in a range of activities or forms of work and consists of three subcomponents: The skill is familiarity with the means and methods to perform a specific task. Skills human resources can range part time jobs from the strength and physical ability to specialized learning. The knowledge that involves the mastery of a body of facts required to perform a job. Knowledge is wider than the ability it represents the intellectual context within which a person acts. Talent is the innate ability to perform a specific task. It is roughly synonymous with fitness. b. The observable behavior means sales jobs the act means that contribute agency to the accomplishment of a task. Combine responses part time inherent behaviors acquired situational situations and stimuli. consultants The ways in which we behave express our values, ethics, beliefs and reactions to the world in which we live. c. The effort is the conscious application of mental and physical resources for a particular purpose. The effort is the backbone of the work ethic. One can ask forgiveness for the weakness of their talent or the modesty of her ability, but never about saving efforts. The effort promotes skill, knowledge agencies and talent and directs behavior towards human capital investment. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with worked with MCI, Tyco International and more Applying or denying it, we control where, when and how the contribution of human capital. Without the effort, as locomotive, wagons full of capacity remain motionless on the track. d. Time is the time element in human capital investment: hours per day, years of a career or intermediate unit. Typically, economists exclude time from the definition of human capital because, unlike the other elements, is staff not the human mind or body. However, in some respects, time is the key resource under the control of the individual worker as the most talented, jobs in most skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated, will job search produce nothing if not take the time to the task. II. GRATTON LINDA, is now a person who has developed much knowledge on the subject of human capital strategies empresariales.Afirma applied to the business strategy can only be given through people and to create a strategic approach is necessary personnel permanent dialogue throughout the organization.