Open space open space design promotes the communication a central corridor on both sides many small offices with one or more work stations similar to in Germany many office buildings look like. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence created already 500 years ago are famous example of this so-called cellular offices”. In most industrialized countries, such cubicles are long past, because they offer that much privacy, but little flexibility, interfere with communication and teamwork and are also limited areas economically. The classic open-plan office, as is customary in the United States or the United Kingdom, has prevailed with us only in some industries, for example in call centers and help desks. Because an open interior design has many advantages, so-called open space solutions friends more and more. As in the open-plan office, many employees share a large room which is but divided by appropriate furniture in different zones, in the open space the the Depending on the needs, flexible use employees. So, as well as various communication areas, where small meetings are possible as well as longer meetings, or the short coffee break in between, there are quiet areas for undisturbed working. The employees actively participate in the action, communication and team work are very simple.

Open space concepts are very complex, and work best if they are individually designed for your organization. It is not enough indeed to make just a few partitions”, explained Viviana Schmauder, Managing Director of the Office einrichters SATEC system work. Because everyone needs good light and optimum noise protection. A sophisticated air-conditioning and of course an attractive overall design of the room is also important. SATEC Office planners have not only years of experience in the design of open space offices and provide advice on the selection and installation of course included matching furniture. A new and E.g.

KIT by Palmberg is particularly versatile open space furniture series in the SATEC program. It sees itself as a bridge between concentrated work and communicative Exchange. Or free-standing, wall-bound as a top item on the desk, the clever bridge provides a suitable framework for effective team work. KIT is fully connectible and provides all interfaces to the modern media world. Perfectly planned and properly set up an open space Office creates optimum conditions for more productivity in the always more mobile work environment.