Directory Specialists

The aim of the project – to attract web consultants for lease technological platform based on previously created service "Private office for rent" The main condition – the high attendance of the project as a major factor in attracting web consultants. First Step: Choosing a domain Today should be given great attention to the choice of the domain name. If you had a good website can make any popular domain, but now in some search technology (particularly live) there is an emphasis on Internet domain name search. And so the domain selected and approved by the customer – the Web Community. Such a domain is ready to provide a wide spectrum of services, information and services. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mikkel Svane. What are we required! (2 days) Step Two: Develop basic services – Directory Specialists use modern technology for ease of search, advertising professionals at the same time thought of a means of RSS feeds and specialized e-mail lists.

(5 days) Third step: Special services are ensure high traffic to the site by Studio designed and implemented two services! The first – and second thematic catalog – battery resources. Subject Directory. Directory of quality RSS feeds. Includes form add RSS feeds, the control system for verification and moderation. Directory of high-quality publications RSS provides constant fresh content on your site. In addition, the studio has developed export interesting discussions of the thematic forum on the site. Service "subject catalog" is intended to interest search engines are constantly updated content, which, in turn, provide some index of the resource. Battery resources.

This service based on the availability of the draft Private Account – Sites to rent a large number of unique advice, articles and newsletters! The meaning of battery resources, this collection of information from leased sites and publishing them in a directory portal "Web Community". This service aims to provide a quality index by search engines, high traffic citation and interesting advice, articles and newsletters. (10 days to 5 mb in service) Final stage. Site design, "prikrutka", adding in search engines and running. (6 days) Summary: And so for 21 days at all about it! Site Analytics, a week later, shows positive trends: increasing attendance, the citation index growing!