Electro Neuro

In conventional medicine, it is customary to treat the symptom rather than the patient. It is also true that without the conventional medicine million people would die without access to treatment. But between the two situations, there is a wide range of gray that can be of great help to people with multiple rheumatic syndromes or pain, digestive problems, psychological or nervous problems, headaches, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, etc. All these people can benefit from treatments that do not involve medicine, treatments that enhance your own immune response and in some cases as East-just need something that our body has already: electricity. I’m talking about the Scenar therapy.

The Electro Neuro stimulation assisted by Feedback is a technique developed in Russia in the Decade of the seventies, by a team of scientists who decided to use reflex pathways of the human body to activate auto healing mechanisms. We know that skin is an organ capable of regulating various functions physiological body. Ancient doctors could generate pain and relaxation, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or slow down the heart rate through the stimulation of reflex zones of the skin. Skin nerve receptors may receive detailed information about the processes that occur in internal organs. When processing this information, we can have a clear idea of the condition of the body. The skin may receive outer information and react to stimuli through a mechanical action (e.g.

acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, a biological field, laser or an ultrasound. The skin can receive such information in form of electrical, optical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical signals or others, and then process them and send them in codified form to regulation of body systems. The medicine of the information belongs to this field of activity. From the embryonic stage, the skin is connected with internal organs through nerve endings. And these nerve fibers are that act as pathways that transmit messages from the device to the brain, passing through the areas where resides the problem or imbalance. This dialogue is that facilitates healing through the change in the electrical charge at the cellular level.