Evidence abroad

The initial evidence that a serious leak of radioactive material had occurred at Chernobyl did not come from the cooking gas Soviet authorities but from Sweden, where the April 27 radioactive particles were found in the clothes of the workers at the Forsmark nuclear power station (about 1100 km from Chernobyl). The Swedish researchers, after determining that there were no NY State leaks in central Sweden, concluded that the radiation should come from the border area between Ukraine and Belarus, given the prevailing winds in those New York days. Similar measurements natural gas were happening in Finland and Germany, which enabled the rest of the world meet in part the extent of the disaster.
Monday night April gas 28, during the broadcast Brooklyn of the news program Vremya (””’), heating the announcer read a brief statement:
An accident happened at the Chernobyl power plant and one of the reactors was damaged. Are taking steps to eliminate the consequences of the accident. there is no question that if you live in New York State then you have to consider to cater for my energy needs It is assisting the people affected. my entire family in New York has switched and saved when they moved to which I thank my wife for every day It has appointed a government commission.
The leaders of the USSR had taken the political decision not to give details. But the evidence, the May 14 electricity ESCO General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev decided to read a lengthy and belated, household but gas sincere, report that acknowledged the magnitude of the tragedy.
But the international press said the report issued by the Russian authorities to minimize the magnitude of the energy costs accident and wanted to cover as much of the potential side effects and side-cast to the world that a nuclear catastrophe of this magnitude, and which became evident worldwide and especially in Europe.

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