Film Career

Amy Adams on the red carpet (2:32) Alvy Singer: I bet by Taraji P. Henson because you deserve it and because it is possibly the only chance you have of winning Button, Brad Pitt beyond. Solo Viola Davis can make mistake. That and the seriousness of Hugh Jackman to say that movies are incredible. (2:32) Leonardo Gil: Stakes winner to lead or Amy Adams Viola Davis, however we believe in Pe, because last night it won the Independent Spirit. And because Woody is a talisman for the secondary. After several extra roles, extras and secondary sporadic with little role in several television series in the U.S. (Suspense in 1949, The Web in 1952), try your luck at the cinema. His first film, The Silver Chalice (cup Silver 1954) Victor Saville, biblical tape and regular production of luxury-level outcomes in public and criticizes his debut, where he shared the bill with Pier Angeli and Virginia Mayo, has been described by Newman himself as “the worst movie of the decade.” His first success came two years later with a film of enormous impact at the international level: Marked by hatred (1956) Robert Wise, which embodies the boxer Rocky Graziano in a role that also chose Steve McQueen, and shone with a quite remarkable alongside Pier Angeli and two young Sal Mineo. That same year, outstanding achievement in film in a legal environment based on a play that is targeted to the success of the Betrayer hell Billy Wilder: the notable traitor to his homeland (Arnold Laven, where Newman worked with Walter Pidgeon and Wendell Corey in a web of treachery in the field of military espionage. In 1957 he repeated the director Robert Wise in a professional melodrama where he shares the bill with two beautiful Joan Fontaine and Jean Simmons: Women are guilty, not released in time in cinemas in Europe despite its undoubted appeal. That same year he premiered the musical biography of singer Helen Morgan (who strive to leave the alcohol at the peak of his career), entitled her to one man (Michael Curtiz), the side of the actress Ann Blyth remembered.
After this film, Newman wheel four major films were released in 1958: The cat on the roof of zinc (from Richard Brooks), the wonderful adaptation of Tennessee Williams drama of that era and a framework that puts the player in the ” map “of the U.S. film industry for his impeccable incarnation of the tormented son of a wealthy businessman sick, for their perfect chemistry on screen Elizabeth Taylor with a disturbing, and not to be against any plan to steal talent characteristic of Jack Carson and Burl Ives The lefty (Arthur Penn), revision demystifies the legendary Billy the Kid than just victory in Europe, but that is considered cult movie, where the actor performs a composition rather successful, the long and warm summer, based drama again sureno Tennessee Williams and generous budget, where Newman worked for the first time with Martin Ritt, one of his favorite directors and complicit in much of his career and with the beautiful Joanne Woodward, who had just won the Oscar for best dramatic actress for a memorable rendition of a woman with split personality classic Three Faces of Eve (1957, in Nunnally Johnson), which falls, in addition to sequences with fellow solid as Orson Welles, Tony Franciosa, Angela Lansbury and Lee Remick, and finally a rich husband (Leo Mc, a comedy fresh and nice but not too round, not particularly remembered today not for the presence of an exuberant Joan Collins).
In 1959 she premiered a conventional melodrama and little seen, but worthy of attention (The city is not for me, Vincent Sherman), and again the following year to work with Joanne Woodward in a melodrama but medium greatest success (From the terrace Mark Robson, in which both agree with Myrna Loy and Peter Lawford). However, he again hit the target when it enters the distribution of one of the super famous and most expensive in history: the adaptation of the bestseller by Leon Uris Exodus (1960) produced and directed the famous film director Otto Preminger. Although accused by some of the Zionist, the film succeeds in recreating the real part of the creation of the State of Israel after the 2nd World War, with unforgettable cast: Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson and Sal Mineo, and others.
1961 seems to give a blow to the young, to release two films that pass without punishment or glory: on one hand, but hold little misunderstood at the time of Robert Rossen The hustler, one of the best examples of the “cinema of losers “where both Newman and Piper Laurie, George C. Scott and Jackie Gleason achieve masterful performances, on the other, his second film with Martin Ritt, which embodies a young jazz musician who travels to Paris with a partner (Sidney Poitier) and sees himself act on Louis Armstrong: A day return, film weak narrative and dramatic, but retains some charm. But from 1962 onwards, Newman chaining is a success after another, prominent titles such as Sweet Bird of Youth (new adaptation of Tennessee Williams posed for the great Newman reunited with director and screenwriter Richard Brooks and, despite the imposition of American censorship to the original text, offering one of his best performances, without detracting from their fellow-sharing among which Shirley Knight, Geraldine Page and Ed Begley-) When you have twenty years (again orders Ritt, in one of his most famous collaborations, where the actor shares with actor Richard Beymer), Hud (1963, again under the orders of Martin Ritt, together with the consecrated Melvyn Douglas and Patricia Neal in a psychological drama nailed in a rural setting and framing in the world of losers who have coverage), Samantha (light comedy directed by Melville Shavelson which again coincide with his now wife, Joanne Woodward, with a wonderful Thelma Ritter in this kind of version of the classic My wife suspicious Vincente Minnelli (1958), The Prize (film plot clearly influenced by the style of Alfred Hitchcock and based in turn on a bestseller of the time, by Mark Robson and co-starring Elke Sommer delicious ) and four denominations (again with Martin Ritt and a full cast headed by Edward G.