The drawing technician is a operative drawing, or either, after its confection follows an operation of manufacture and/or assembly. In such a way, to manufacture or to mount any type of equipment or civil construction, in all the areas of the industry, always will need a drawing technician. (SPECK, 2001, P. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices. 9) project preset for production of one has asked for has as base drawing technician that with increasing technology has sped this process by means of programs graphical that facilitates in the daily a viabilizao of the product, but never substituting creativity and innovations human beings, that for fast form and examples generates a concept that soon will be developed and something will become consistent, with a series of concerns to guarantee the product quality apresentado.2 REVISION BIBLIOGRFICA’ ‘ The furniture of house or environment of work materializes the way to live, social conditions e, also, the habits of the time. This can be perceived through the style, of the quality, functionality, originalidade, of the comfort and beleza’ ‘. (WNSCH, 2004, P. 12) the simple act of exchange of a furniture allows to perceive its evolution, as well as the way of living of the buyer. A more refined comment in them makes possible many discoveries, as the evolution of its consolidated productive process with the industry.

The elements of order economic, climatic, cultural and social reflect sufficiently mainly in the productive process of the furniture. Since the times most remote it was existed manufacture of furniture, but, nor always with as many characteristics, and as much variety of materials. At times of settling the people looked for to construct furniture for its improvement with the use of the resources of the nature, as the wood, did not need to generate more, for the lack of time, mainly for the time of plantation and also of roads with good conditions to move these until bigger centers.