Gastric And Lung Diseases

Explore the properties of alpine cranberry, used in the treatment of gastric and lung diseases. Studies have identified a chemical called pronatotsianidin A-1. It showed good activity against the virus the second type of herpes simplex (HSV-2) that causes genital herpes. Substance is not destroying the virus itself, but significantly weakens it, without providing at the same toxic effect on the body. Pronatotsianidin destroys Glycoprotein 'processes' of the virus, which does not allow him to attach to cells and infect them. Pathogen hsv infection of genital tract hsv (Herpes simplex virus HSV). Herpetic lesions were defined already in the I century ad Roman physician who observed herpes on the lips.

The first case of herpetic lesions of genital tract recorded in 1700. Herpes simplex virus was first described in 1912, first isolated from female genital ways in 1946. Herpes simplex virus develops intracellularly. Representatives of the British Association of herpes infections (Herpes Viruses Association) were skeptical about the opening of their Taiwanese counterparts, saying it would not have seen enough grounds to recommend to patients suffering from herpes, cranberries as a therapeutic drug.