GPRS Battery

Tracker – A device for positioning by satellites. The resulting data is sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message or on a specialized Internet – server via GPRS. Thus, the tracker (Beacon) – is a complete system for monitoring the location and tracking. There is an opportunity not just satellite monitoring, but also view the history of movements for specific periods of time. Scope of application of the tracker (trekfona) limited only by imagination. You can track vehicles, monitor children, the elderly, animals, workers, couriers, etc. Peter Asaro may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The device tracking Teltonika GH1202 In view tracking device is very similar to simple cell phone. On front panel has five programmable buttons, the button RESET, 3 LEDs and a speaker.

On the lower side of the hole is the microphone. The back cover hides rechargeable battery compartment and SIM-card, with access to the SIM-card is carried out without removing the battery. Tracker sends the information through the channel GPS via GSM and GPRS. In addition to tracking capabilities, terminal Teltonika GH1202 supports voice conversations and allows you to make calls to pre-programmed telephone numbers, each programmable button can be written in two rooms, and one in central, send SMS-message with the coordinates and the level of battery charge. To configure trekfona, the device connects to your computer and, using a special program that is included, set your tracker as you need. It also supports configuration via SMS, but for this program – configurator must enter the number of Governors of cellular phones.

Provides the function up to 10 geozones. When crossing the border Geozone tracker sends an SMS to a pre-programmed number. Real-Time on the Internet is carried out is activated GPRS. On the panel there is a large round button in red. Usually it is programmed to initiate an alarm mode when Pressing the tracker goes into alarm and sends a text message containing the satellite time GPS, the coordinates of the tracker, the number of visible satellites, the operator code GSM, code of current cell GSM, the signal level GSM (1-32) and the percentage of battery charging, and no GPS signal the approximate location of the tracker can be determined by the code of the current cell GSM. More information about the tracker Teltonika GH1202 can read and if you want to buy on our website: