He who seeks finds.

The teams are considered more than Nseries phones, laptops, and it is normal that they have lots of different kinds of information like your contacts, documents, web pages, videos, photos, music and anything that allows you to access Nseries experience. But you can only load a variety of information you can also have a large list of content, since these teams are not exactly limited in this aspect since you can store lots of information thanks to its internal memory of 160 megabytes and the possibility of integrated memory card 1 gb, 4 gb, 8 gb and 32 gb to a potential which is expected to bear these teams. Now it’s good to have all stored on your computer, but this may have a complication, the more data you have is more difficult to remember where you stored each of them, remember their names and dates of creation, to imagine your house I understand the more things you can have more clutter in your house for what you have to organize and store things, but after a few days you get something and not find it, it would be wonderful to have a machine organizations seeking things for you and never forget where they are but calm that you never lose your N95 looking information stored in its search engine through which ensures that your Terminal Nseries satisfied that that is definitely looking for. This tool can be found on the menu waiting for your phone or on the main menu, it enables you to quickly find all the content on your phone and what is best is also an Internet search engine, today I’m going to show an example we find everything related to contact CASA. Entering “search” immediately shows you all types of content that has your phone (music, messages, etc.. Here insert the keyword you’re looking for, as you’re getting the content filtering will contain this word, for our example we only write the letters CA, and shows us the contents of immediate tide containing this syllable, as we are looking contact contacts and here we find the house we were looking for contact.