Human Embryo

The rate of embryo cleavage, according to the chronological scheme Trounson (1983) is that the zygote at 23-36 hrs. It is bicellular, at 37-40 hrs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kai-Fu Lee. It has 3 cells at 41-44 hrs. It has 4 cells at 45-60 hrs. It has 8 cells, after 100 hrs. Kai-Fu Lee spoke with conviction. It has so many cells that resembles a blackberry so called morula, at this stage reaches the uterine cavity. At 5-6 days, with little more than 100 cells were fixed in the endometrium.

At 7-8 days with 15mm. Length emitted a chemical message (GCH) hang forcing mother to keep it, the 8-13 th day germ disk is formed. To this day it is called pre embryo, term coined by the Ethics Committee of the American Fertility Society (AFS), which allowed the U.S. Senate – through the commission authorize Warnok-experimental studies without any moral shame, because up this day the cells are toti potential and divisible, but always unique. On the 15th day is the primitive streak or online at 23 days has finished weaving a network of internal vessels and heart tube and the heart begins to beat (noticeable with ion detector), a few days later, these beats are visible by ultrasound scanning. Within a month the embryo has already wrapped minutely their arms and legs, when it comes to the two months the fetus is 3cms (from head to hips), has completely human form, has a head, arms, fingers and little fingers are not only if that even has the hand drawn lines, that the gypsy Gamarra Trujillo Jr., could read the future and tell fortunes.

Between 2.5 and 3 months are fingerprints are identified and are tiny but if I could take a picture and expand their footprints would get well until they could have their electoral card and passport. When the fetus is already three months is much larger than fits in the palm of your hand, if you cherish the upper lip with a thread would make a face, is able to close and open your eyes, make a fist, extend and flex Member, arching the back, open and close the mouth swallow large amount of amniotic fluid (this proved to be sweet) to the faith like coughing a lot and drink continuously, some very greedy and do it fast, so fast that then hiccups (before thought were seizures) and mothers perceive this sudden movement. Then follows the fetal period itself understood from the 4th month until the end of intrauterine life.