Indoor Units

At the same time effective in rooms with high ceilings. Advantages: fits perfectly into the interior optimal solution in the presence of the ceiling, provide uniform distribution of air in the room, possibly mixing of fresh air, and some models have a number of additional functions, such as additional air cleaning and humidification; Disadvantages: Requires a suspension zapotolochnogo ceiling space from 200 mm minimum capacity in the cold, usually from 3,5 kW to any premises fit: office, retail, restaurant, large living room or hall. Where to buy: a special companies. The most successful option for offices and shops. Such a system is not only important to choose the right, but qualitatively established. Learn more about this with Dell. Remember, all the freon and air line will be hidden behind your so beautiful repair! If such a system something happens, you save on equipment and / or quality of work – can result in spending much more time and money on maintenance and repair work. 4.

Indoor Units channel type (block or flush mounting system minitsentralnye) The indoor unit has no decoration and is installed above the false ceiling or in the back room. The air in the room (or a few areas) through a system of ducts and grilles or diffusers. Such systems are able to cool several rooms simultaneously. Advantages: fits perfectly into any decor – almost imperceptible; the optimal solution in the presence of a suspended ceiling, ensure an even distribution of the air, even irregular geometric shapes, with the help of one such unit solved the problem conditioning several rooms, perhaps a partial implementation of ventilation, a wide selection of ventilation grilles and diffusers; Disadvantages: requires ceiling space and zapotolochnogo of 250 mm makes the average temperature for all rooms, not allowing the individual to control temperature in each, combining channels transmit odors from one room to another, only installed during construction, reconstruction or repair, for which the premises are suitable: apartment, office, hotel, shop, restaurant, cottage industrial premises. .