Internet Explorer

Now it is difficult to live without the Internet. News and weather reports and forecasts, price lists and correspondence – the World Wide Web allows us to keep abreast of developments in the world, greatly simplifying access to the necessary information. Internet Explorer is today, perhaps – the most used software in the world. Every day we make hundreds in the same browser action: open and close the site, enter your data, submit the request, checking in and send a message. If you own a resource, or advertise their products (services) on the Internet, the number of repetitive operations dramatically increased immediately, taking a lot of precious time, and Automating the routine becomes a natural desire. For example, you need to send to your county's urban forum message ad, register there, enter personal data, post it and perform another message dozens of similar problems.

Of course, this procedure is tedious and monotonous, but it is necessary and apparently did not get rid of it. But out there. Today, there are useful programs that allow you to do all routine work in browser. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. One of them – Human Emulator initially focused on software developers for the Web. She came up to make life easier for programmers being done every day hundreds of repetitive operations. After all scripts – pieces code generated at the site, constantly repeated.

Conceived as a designer of scripts, Human Emulator was first used by programmers as a PHP browser emulator to test the performance Web resources, information collection, transfer sites from one engine to another. Now it is a full emulator of any human action in the browser Internet Explorer. The name of the program is translated as "emulation of human actions." AND it can really improve the performance of your activities on the Internet: click buttons and links, drag and drop, automatically log in and simultaneously send a few posts on the forums. Convenience, provided by Human Emulator, first to appreciate professionals involved in website promotion. It's no secret that if you want to attract into your life prospects, then you need to constantly engage his SEO-optimization: add new text, fix the code, place links on their portal to other sites, these procedures allow to get on the first line of well-known search engines. If you would like to know more about Robotics, then click here. Operations are simple, but they need to repeat ever, since competitors also do not sleep. In this area, Human Emulator has established itself as a useful tool for CEOs, not just working with your site, but also collects data about your business rivals, search queries that can mass create accounts and post in forums and social networking ads. Another important factor – the universality of the program. In skilled hands, it could well be, for example, the parser news, laboriously running through the given list of sites in search of fresh publications, carefully recording the detected information into a text file. At the same time it is possible to teach Human Emulator throw found in news and translator tie subsequent publication of all this on trust resources. In a nutshell, with this program, any work on the Internet can be reduced to a single action – pressing the 'Run'. Such a tool should be no doubt on hand for anyone who builds his income in the 'World Wide Web. "