Layout Process

Diverse models of layout exist, that are they: Layout for process or functionary: Search to take care of diversified products. If you would like to know more about altavista, then click here. On-line Layout: It follows a sequential line. Cellular Layout: It passes for a diversity of machines, until the construction of the end item. Layout for fixed position: In this the product is in a fixed position, and the materials that if dislocate for its construction. To know the model of the layout can improve the knowledge of the manager or the small entrepreneur how much to its productive process. Another factor in the discovery of the layout is that improvements in the productive process of the company can be carried through. Let us see the example below: A small company of the branch of footwear carries through its production in a linear process, where the materials pass for the machines, B and C.

the production still is small, possessing only two collaborators. The machines possess a distance of 150 meters one of the others, and have a responsible collaborator for the machines and B and another responsible for machine C. on-line Layout 150 meters 150 meters Machine Machine B In agreement Machine C the cited example, we can observe that the product if dislocates between the machines and process alone is finished when passed in each one of them. The first collaborator has a bigger consuming, therefore he needs to cover 150 meters to dislocate the product until the next machine, where the next stage will start. One of the points that can be carried through in this productive process, is to reduce in the distance enters the machines of 150 meters for 100 meters, what it could give to greater agility to the responsible collaborator for the two processes and reduce its consuming in relation to its process. It also has the possibility of if producing more products in little time, however she is necessary to have well-taken care of, therefore it is necessary to observe if it has a space for a supply construction, if who has to vender more products or if the market is with that necessary amount that the company intends to produce.