March 2, 2004, Tuesday

Venezuela – The National Electoral Council (CNE) found that the opposition campaign to call referendum did not meet the required number of signatures. According to the opposition gathered 3.4 million signatures to be the minimum necessary to 2,437,000 (20 of voters). The CNE can see only 1,832,493 signatures and questions about the validity of which energy resources 876,017 were determined between 18 and 22 March me. The referendum mechanism stipulated in the Constitution to determine nuclear energy the energy efficiency retention or removal of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
Dominican Republic, american wind energy association Human Rights: Repeated complaints of excessive or arbitrary use of renewable energy source force against demonstrators by the police and military forces. The country faces a very serious economic crisis, triggered, among other things, the collapse of Banco Intercontinental in May green energy 2003, and aggravated by rising oil prices and the decline in tourism since the attacks of September 11, future energy 2001 in State USA.
Iraq: a wave of bombings in Baghdad and Karbala against Shiites causing 182 dead and 556 wounded. Millions of believers today celebrated the feast sustainable energy of offal.
Haiti: The United States declared that its strength of electrical energy 2,000 Marines to lead, at least initially, of all foreign military forces in Haiti. Bush chose not to await the decision of energy conservation the Security Council of the United Nations to “restore order”. Amnesty International expresses concern about the possibility of Louis Jodel Chamblain and Jean Pierre Baptiste, who were convicted of human rights violations, and who energy sources are in charge of the rebel forces in the capital, to assume power in the capital wind energy instead of again be brought to justice.
Exploration of hydro energy Mars: scientists of the proposed Mars exploration at NASA determined by analysis of the solar energy composition and morphology of rocks at Meridiani Planum, with high levels of jarosite, Opportunity alternative energies performed by the robot, with high probability, this water contained in the past. renewables energy So, it opens the possibility that also houses living at some point in their history. renewable energy sources Signs of past life on Mars are of great importance for research on the alternative energy funds origin of life on Earth. For the director general alternative energy companies of NASA, the mission has already been a success. Within 15 years they could get to Mars. The plan includes the construction of a platform on the solar power energy Moon. Are already developing new spacecraft.
ESA: an Ariane 5 rocket launched from French Guiana the Rosetta (interplanetary probe), whose purpose is to intercept the comet and pose an artifact 67P/Churiumov-Guerasimenko (Philae) on the inside energy technology about 10 years.
United States:
The results of the primaries Democrats (the “supermartes”) makes clear that the Democratic candidate in the 2004 election solar energy information will be John Kerry.
Jason West, mayor of New Paltz, New renewable energy York, is charged bio energy with 19 professional charges for having approved 19 marriages of same-sex couples without a license. If found guilty, could face a fine of 500 a year alternate energy in prison for each charge.
Serbia: Vojislav Kostunica, the new prime minister, presented his government. Entry renewable energies into the European Union is a priority for the country, but Europe soon require its cooperation new energy with the Hague tribunal for resolution of allegations alternative energy source of war crimes and genocide during the Balkan war.

Denver Post
The almost constant wind whipping in the rugged hills and ridges of the southern Wyoming could soon power one of alternative energy the largest wind farms.
May 21 (Bloomberg) – Duke Energy Corp., owner of utilities in the U.S. A company that invests and develops new , green energy is is the best company for clean energy Midwest and Southeast, agreed to a 70-megawatt wind project in Pennsylvania, its first in the hydroelectric energy Eastern U.S., from Spain Gamesa Corp Tecnologia SA.
Center Daily Times
Nothing should quieted critics biomass energy of the climate and the energy bill in Congress more than th
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