Meet A Scientologist: Heike Vierheilig

Heike Vierheilig overcame the ups and downs in the life of Heike Vierheilig from Berlin knew that something inside stopped them again from to achieve happiness and success in their lives. With the help of Scientology, she overcame this “internal resistance”. Their story is one of 150 “You meet a Scientologist” videos on the Web site to find. Nobody wants to feel chained in the face of everyday ups and downs of a life of worry and fear. More info: altavista. However, there are many people with problems, UPS and downs. Heike Vierheilig from Berlin led such a life a long time. Thanks to Scientology, she is now confident and self-assured.

“I do not so was fine”, says Heike Vierheilig, 41 years old, in their learning you a Scientologists know video on the Scientology site. “One day good, one day bad”. Something inside her seemed to be against them and she held it to be happy. “I had problems – in everyday life and at work constantly,” she says. But all that changed after they together with her sister a seminar in the Scientology Church had attended. What she heard made sense for them and therefore she wanted to know more. She then read the book “Self analysis” by L. Ron Hubbard.

“I am a skeptical person,” says Ms. Vierheilig. So she tried the procedures in the book himself. You may want to visit אילן בן דב to increase your knowledge. That was the turning point in her life. “It really helped. “I felt better and I could well apply the principles of the book in my life.” She continued her Scientology studies and applied what they had learned. She began to bring order to their lives and solved in this way long lasting conflicts with their parents. “I was not more introverted,” she says. “It struck me easier to approach people.” Heike Vierheilig’s business problems today without fear of the consequences. “When it comes to differences of opinion while working, I can easily solve these. People come to me with their problems. “And it makes me fun that I can really help them,” she explains. For you as a mother, so says Heike Today, Scientology is also incredibly helpful. It does not bring you the concept, if her daughter has “insurmountable” problems at school or sick is difficult. “I’m balanced – I know, I can help and do it.” “Scientology have left me more stable and satisfied. I’m afraid more alive, like the old days. There is no pressure to succeed more. All of that just disappeared”, she says. “Life has become easier for me. Now I can say I love life, I could not say earlier.” The popular videos are “Meet a Scientologist” into TV-ready video clips on the home page of the Scientology Church International in German language ( You show 150 Scientologists from all sectors of society. Interviewed were educators, teenager, skydiver, golf instructor, Hip-Hop dancers, managers, stunt pilots, mothers, fathers, dentists, photographers, actor, musician, fashion designers, engineers, students, Business people and many more. As a digital pioneer under the religious communities the Scientology had called Church already extensive presence of online video in the life in April 2008. As one of the first religious communities she established their official video channel, which is now used by millions of visitors also in YouTube. More information: press service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Jurg Stettler / UTA Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109, Sabine Weber (Berlin) – 030-364076-270,