The new best of album by Nena – is now available in the trade authorized the first by NENA herself best of “album of her career. Peter Asaro brings even more insight to the discussion. 30 years of pop history. With their successes she has created a certain aura of immortality is in the course of time: interpretations and forms of composition, who wrote about 30 years of pop history, visionary sound pictures, feeding out of everyday things. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. With the songs, I write”NENA himself says, I want to inspire people to life to get involved. “” And if that happens, then I am happy and then, for me, that is success.”NENA best of NENA” is not the first compilation of the gigantic work of German pop icon, but it is after nearly 30 years of the first authorized best of “Nena. Therefore, it is very special for me. The others were released, without that I had some influence there.

However, I decided which tracks for the album are selected. It was very important and only reason I did it.” The musical colour a Generation has arrived with this work in today. Of course, songs like the 99 luftballons need ‘ or anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ to be on the album, but I wanted to have also a few songs while still not ended up in the charts. I think it’s nice to have music, which not everyone knows a best of-album.” “” The album starts with the compassionate love is “, the second number 1 in the career of NENA after the 99 balloons”. The no less successful hammer hit followed Lighthouse”. Lighthouse has a completely new chorus I give in the course of the years one more time. “A song in which it seems to me that he is not old.” NENA best of NENA “thus becomes a kind of slow down of the frenzied pop business. On this album are songs, I’ve partly co-written or written alone and accompanying me, have a history and that’s particularly nice.” Also friends and companions of the career years are represented as Kim wild (anyplace, anywhere, anytime”in a Duet with NENA).