NetBooster will continue with its international expansion policy. New industrial partnership and participation in market leader in Denmark. Frankfurt, January 08, 2009 – (NBANBPM07012009) – the companies (FR0000079683 ALNBT) NetBooster and guava (DK0060074144 GUAVA.CO) have an industrial and operational partnership agreed on, which is supported by an elfprozentige equity of NetBooster ( in guava ( This strategic move of the two leading agencies for interactive marketing has concretized after several months of talks and is the result of a common industrial vision of management of both groups. The objective of the partnership is to improve the services on behalf of customers as a result of the following points: complementary geographic presence that does not collide throughout Europe, shared access to a pool of more than 400 online marketers in nine European countries, deepened and complementary technology tools and technical platform. A related site: altavista mentions similar findings. This partnership and its industrial logic have been underpinned by NetBoosters acquisition of a minority stake in guava by means of a capital increase.

NetBooster has acquired capital for one million euros 14 million new shares, or 11 percent of guavas. Guava and NetBooster are both leading interactive agencies with solid market shares of guava in Northern Europe (Scandinavia and the United Kingdom) and by NetBooster in southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain). Both companies offer professional advice on the full spectrum of online marketing. These include: online marketing advice, search engine marketing, media consultancy and buying, Web design, affiliate marketing management of CRM data mining. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone. \”We have seen NetBoosters activities for a long time, and we firmly believe that our geographical complementarity will allow us to make our respective customers very competitive deals anywhere in Europe,\” commented Brian Mertz Pedersen, Managing Director and CEO of guava. \”We expect the cooperation substantial gains on both sides.\” Pascal Chevalier, Chairman and CEO of NetBooster, adds: \”over the last several years has enormously developed guava and created a strong and valuable position in Scandinavia and the UK markets.