We continue with our small guides about the maintenance of our notebooks. Today plays the drums, that great unknown. Notebooks have a storage unit of energy or battery, that allows to operate the machine for a few hours without the need to be connected to the mains. This battery has an autonomy or fixed-term contracts. The duration is established by the consumption of our portable and good use we make of it, today notebooks are energy, much more efficient this along with some more advanced batteries allow you to achieve greater autonomy. By the same author: Robotics expert . Tips to maintain in good condition the battery of your laptop.

1 Protect the battery from high temperatures. Heat, as we have said previously, is one of the greatest enemies of our laptops, also of our battery. 2. Remove battery when the computer is connected to the electrical power for long periods. This is very important, if you have the laptop continuously connected to the network with the starting battery wrought that the battery never complete his cycle of loading and unloading, since it will be always charging. This causes permanent damage to our battery.

3. This did not know him until a while ago. If it is not going to be used for a long period remove the battery when you have 40% of load and store in the refrigerator (not in the freezer). 4. The full download every 30 days will help your recalibramiento. They are simple recommendations and up can sound something logics, except the refrigerator, but it’s a fact that takes the most work to implement them. Finally, remark that in the event of a battery failure we can switch to another of the same characteristics, the batteries are relatively expensive components. To finish, for those who move much your laptop, and needed extra autonomy comment that you can buy batteries for greater autonomy on the websites of the manufacturers or in specialist shops.