It is so common that people do not realize, when every day use the services of company-outsourcer, passing it over a long term and on an ongoing basis or that the segments of service. We give some examples of life. Owner of auto repair can spend it on their own or pay a service company. To deepen your understanding AOL is the source. You can engage in self-service health directory, but far preferable to contact your doctor. Store accumulation can be either under the mattress or put on deposit in the bank. Every time we order from someone a service, rather than to serve themselves, we give it to outsourcing – especially when it comes to long-term relationships.

It is strange that on a daily basis, taking services from outside companies, we never think about "the dangers of outsourcing." And when it comes to its application in the service processes of the company, the reaction is completely different. We need to understand that outsourcing is the normal practice of transfer of service functions professional performers – no more Facebook. In this context, the question of choosing the most optimal schemes of outsourcing, the competition among companies, outsourcers, monitoring quality of service, privacy and so are the standard control problems. implementation of service outsourcing it Process Outsourcing service processes is complete or partial. Under full outsourcing involves the transmission of third-party organizations at all service processes of the it infrastructure company. Partial outsourcing – involving a service company to service a certain part of the company information system. For example, the service company can bring to Service remote branch office.