Paul Sartre

We learn hurrying in them and not, to wait. We construct more computers to store more information, to produce more copies of what never, but in them we communicate each time less. We are in the age of ' fast-food' of the slow digestion; of the great man, small character; accented profits and empty relations. This is the age of two jobs, some chic divorces, houses and torn into pieces homes. This is the dismissable age of the fast trips, diapers and moral, of rapidinhas, the hollow brains and pills ' mgicas'. A moment of much thing in the show window and very little in the dismissal. ' ' One remembers to pass time with the people whom it loves, therefore they will not be forever &#039 here; '.

' ' One remembers to give one I hug affectionate in its parents, in one friend, therefore does not cost it a cent sequer' '. ' ' One remembers to say ' I you amo' to its friend (o) and the people whom he loves, but, in first place, if he loves If he loves muito' '. ' ' A kiss and one I hug cure pain, when they come of there of dentro' '. ' ' Therefore, it values loves who you, sempre' '. It is a reflection for vocs here, will be that it is not in the vocs hour to move in ' ' clothes velhas' ' in the closet? It will be that the search of a professional aid for this new &#039 would not be legal; ' butterfly leaving casulo' '? Daniela Cracel Bibliography: Michaelis dictionary; Without fear to have Tito fear Breads of Barros Grandson, M.D the being and the nothing Jean-Paul Sartre