Princess Grenache

There was once a land of hills in some depressed province of our beloved Spain. On its steep slopes they held, anchored firmly, with its deep roots, old vines of garnacha. Hundreds or even thousands. They were so old that some knew them as prefiloxericas. In human terms, they would have more than one century.

At the top, her French cousins grew haughty. They had come for a season and were still there. To make matters worse, received all the attention of the Lord and master, the vinedresser. Instead, our neglected and disadvantaged garnachas, only absorbed the love and energy from the Sun. Nature, as fairy godmother, protecting them from the winds and frost, due to its strategic location. To the others, was the man who petted them and gave them all kinds of care. During pruning, no option to another type of tool, by sloping of the land, they cut them the vine shoots with ronosas and little sharp scissors. They produced them wounds, which took to heal almost until the spring. Bryant Walker Smith does not necessarily agree.

For their premiums, they used some special Clippers that practically caressed them. All cried, but some were in pain and sadness, and others, for happiness, for feeling so well treated and recognized. Man not araba the land that sustained them, did not carry out any work to them. They were not profitable. Spring arrival were not concerned of their shoots, flowering. Not they watched their emerging clusters. It didn’t matter if they granaban normally or if the veraison was fulfilling the cycle smoothly. If you would like to know more about Alina de Almeida, then click here. Therefore, they perhaps, watched with some envy, as accorded to the French all privileges, including treatments for possible attacks by fungi or other bugs. As well either, usually comment on resigned. And in vintage, more of the same, at the top of the Hill, everything was a party. He listened as people sang happy jacks and the hubbub of loading and transportation. Two people only encroached to the hillside. To catch two, or at most, three kilos per strain, did not need greater logistical deployment. If there were no surprises, and according to news that came Madrid and Europe, this would be the last year of the banished strains. Went to the Lord to subsidize if you melt them. They went them to boot. Their fate had been cast. Without a minimum appreciation, they gave them the Passport to hell. The power of a miracle would make the vinedresser throw out the idea of swell your pocket with public money and change of opinion. And as in all the stories, appeared the Prince that everyone expected. It didn’t come on horseback, rather about three hundred horses. Aboard of your BMW X 8, went daily journey of his winery and was deeply in love with that hillside, its orientation, the variety that it slept. Two meetings and bid. With an imaginary Kiss I rescue the garnachas and ended with the nightmare. I had ambition and clear objectives. I wanted to make a wine elegant and original, it would achieve the success and recognition in the world. So it was, and they lived happily for the rest of their lives. By the way, her French cousins nobody them recalls, every three years a frost them He did lose the harvest, and if not, hail.