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Summing up the triumphant march of iPhone in the U.S. and Europe, we can say that no mobile phone in the history of cellular communications, attracted much attention. s, an internet resource. Since the start of sales was less than six months, but during this time on the phone there fans across the globe. And we can confidently say that Jobs once again managed to create a truly iconic thing. It’s not a multimillion-dollar advertising budget and artificially heated interest in the phone. The point is the ability to create completely new Apple stuff on the old functionality. Others who may share this opinion include

iPhone has turned an idea on how should (or could) look like a mobile phone. Exit the phone format committing to a single mobile operator (in the U.S. is AT & T in England O2) again popularized the word “unlock”. In fact, to detach the phone from a particular operator took a few days and a huge amount of effort the best Professional of the planet, but they managed to do it, that has further strengthened the position of the iPhone in countries where there was no official start of sales (including here in Russia). After a while came a package of Russification (Russian project), and now all Russian-speaking iPhone users to feel as full members of the subculture “ayfonschikov.” So, to sum up the results. Events of 2007-2008: Unlock iPhone Russification Package The first virus for the iPhone plans for 2008: Among the Apple plans to release this year was listed SDK for iPhone – software environment that lets you create new applications for the phone..