Programs Design

Programs Design and implement an evaluation of life skills in language and mathematics. Design, implementation, processing and analysis of results of an evaluation of life skills in language and mathematics to be applied in the province of San Luis. This is a test to assess how well students who are nearing the end of compulsory schooling, have the cognitive tools necessary for their full integration into society and the labor market. Smart Schools Network in the Province of San Luis. Program to be held in conjunction with the University of La Punta to propose new incentives to the educational system in the province of San Luis, starting with a group of schools that grow in time. It aims to harness both the opportunity represented by the diffusion of ICT, such as yearnings of many teachers to strengthen their training and practice with greater autonomy.Proposed realignment of the curriculum of basic education in Ecuador and the development of learning standards. Program of Assistance to the Ministry of Education of Ecuador to develop a curriculum for basic education, the definition of the prototypes of texts in the four areas of teaching and administrative arrangements for purchase, with the intent to encourage improvements in student learning and promote continuous school improvement processes. Project evaluation Every Child on the Web is developed for the second year evaluation of this program implemented in the province of San Luis. The experiment was carried out in rural and semirural north, south and center of the province, where computers were given specially designed for students in first through sixth grades of primary schools in several localities. Device participatory program reorganization of technical assistance and supervision of schools.During the second half of 2009 a program was developed to assist the Ministry of Education of Chile, consisting of a participatory exercise to build a new system of support to schools. This device seeks to articulate, in the three levels of the system, supervisors, regional and national officials. Technical assistance program policy to the Ministry of Education of Chile. Assistance to the Ministry of Education of Chile in a survey consisting of qualitative and policy, and the formulation of scenarios and recommendations for policy and communications strategies. Network Exchange of experiences between Latin American educational officials. It was developed jointly with the World Bank a network for exchange of experience among education officials in order to consolidate an area where there is knowledge and process management as well regional educational policy. Device participatory reorganization of technical assistance and supervision of schools in Chile.A program designed as a participatory exercise to build a new system of support to schools. We want the construction of the program to operate at the same time, as an exercise in self-assessment of the actors, discussions of solutions and innovations, and updating and training to implement them. Teacher Training Center and dissemination of educational materials. Project with the Universidad Nacional de La Matanza to establish a teacher training center offering, in person or online mode, courses and seminars, and academic upgrading post tulos of specialization and postgraduate and masters. Focusing activities Teachers Center of the SEB. Since 2004 until 2006 provided advice to the Directorate General of Continuing Education of Teachers in Service of Mexico. Youth Cultures and organization of work environments.Working with a group of HR managers of large companies on changes in youth cultures and effects thereof on the organization of the labor market. Evaluation of Education Systems Program. Has been formed, together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a Latin American Consortium for Assessment of Educational Systems (CLES). This consortium is composed of the deputy ministers of education from six countries of the region (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico) and aims to develop and implement an evaluation method of education systems. Dialogue between secretaries of Treasury and Education. Project to generate fields of exchange responsible for the areas of Finance and Basic Education. Consultancy and advice to the Assistant Secretary for Basic and Normal Education in Mexico. Assistance Program developed over the years 2003-2006. Regional Dialogues on Education Policy.