Semana Santa Almeria

The revival of the Holy Week in Almeria from 70 years up to now this has become a major religious festival in celebration of the city and one of the most important in Andalusia.
Today a procession of twenty guilds and brotherhoods, some with great character. The great wealth of carvings, embroidery and goldwork has to be declared of national tourist interest, because in those days the streets and squares are a hotbed of Almeria Almeria and outsiders.
At present, this process of creation that the Brotherhood would be the future of the Risen One, consisting mainly of youth aged around Almeria and the score you expect a lot of hard work on this ambitious project. This is a great demand for the new world Almeria brother.
The Brotherhoods who march in the capital are:

The Christian Science Monitor
American solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict also says UN administration of the Jerusalem holy places and no right of return for Palestinian refugees.
Pope Benedict XVI visited the Jerusalem holy sites Tuesday touring sites sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians and highlights the common threads of the three religions.
A sick child in the Gaza Strip on Sunday after deceased Palestinian infighting and a blockade on the territory prevented his parents from seeking medical treatment abroad for their 10-year-old son.
AFP via Yahoo! News
Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass outside the old city of Jerusalem on Tuesday after two days in Israel brought the navigation bridge currents of the region’s conflicts and appealing for reconciliation.
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