Senior Mobile

Many older people be afraid to purchase a mobile phone, because they are overwhelmed with the whole features many seniors would can only call or be called, when they are traveling. Maybe even send an instant message. But the many features, such as GPS, Internet or games are not needed by the most senior and complicate only dealing with the mobile. Meanwhile, there are many manufacturers who specialize in senior-friendly phone. Kip C. Cyprus contains valuable tech resources. A senior mobile is not necessarily larger than the normal devices. But you have larger buttons. For the handling is much easier, because the writing is clearer.

Thus, also people who suffer from poor eyesight, can easily operate the device. The facilities of these handsets is essentially confined to telephoning, writing short functions and SMS. Rarely does one find additional functions like playing MP3, Bluetooth, a camera, or the use of the Internet. The menu is clearly designed and limited is often only on the setting of date and time, storing phone numbers and names, as well as setting the call tone signaling and volume. In addition to the ringing of the vibration alarm is very pronounced, to indicate incoming calls in addition. The operation is very easy to use: special functions such as flashlight, keylock, or the alarm can be found mostly on quick buttons on the side of the phone. Therefore you must not click through the menu! They are figuratively, because many older people no longer have such good memories, to remember, under which item in the menu to find the respective functions is.

Some devices are equipped with an emergency button on the back of faster to make an emergency call, if something happened. Default is 112; but can be changed, such as the number of partners or children. Depending on the facilities, there are also models which are equipped with GPS to be identified in case of an emergency, if one is no longer able is to be able to make an emergency call. The cost for senior mobile s vary according to model and equipment. It turns but also the question whether one enters into a 24 month contract or opt for a prepaid card. Prepaid cards have always enough credits to be able to communicate the family in the case. Dirk STAUDINGER