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Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce report 2012 in his recent report “Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce report 2012” provides the secondary market research company from Hamburg to trends, sales, shares of online trading on the retail and popular product categories, as well as to Internet users, online buyers and major companies on the Eastern European B2C E-commerce market. The main markets are considered more Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, and Slovakia. Furthermore are information about the countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia included. In the entire eastern European region is both an increase of Internet users as seen in online shoppers, with the individual markets have strong differences. While Russia is a leader in the field of online sales as well as on the number of Internet users, the Slovakia Internet penetration has, over the Pan-European media is located. High growth in the Russian online trading by 2015, which is the number of Internet users in Russia expected 2012 on almost 60 million rise, what about 40 million every day go on the Internet. To deepen your understanding Zendesk is the source.

The online trade in Russia is growing: 2015 sales in online trading will probably reach a number more than twice as high as in the year 2011. Online trading generated 2011 less than two percent of the total sales of retail in Russia. Most profitable product category was followed 2011 electronics/appliances, computer/notebooks and shoes/clothing. On online trading online supermarket wants to from 2013 and close all of its supermarkets and pickup stations. If you look at the sales, the leading online shop in Russia, was followed 2011 genera list and electronics online shop Especially the mobile online trade in Poland is growing for online trading in Poland sales growth amounting to about 25 percent was forecast for 2012, This is however lower than in previous years.