Social Excellence

If it is possible, moreover, it is the key to success. I don’t say that we transform our company into a church, but if we take the Christian doctrine to each State of our business including life, we can see the wonders that God has created for the enjoyment of the human being. Being Christian – entrepreneur, I understood Jesus Ama message to thy neighbor as thyself, hence this summary all. If you really think that Jesus came to this world to save us from sin and save us from eternal death, but you exploit your workers and their families, then these far have Jesus as a partner. Our business philosophy is based on the precepts and principles of ethics and moral Christian, taking them as a basis for our Organization to achieve excellence. Have a self-sustainable company in time offered to the individual, regardless of his position in our Organization, the best opportunity for personal, spiritual, intellectual and financial in a dignified environment development and respect, passionately applying the values of our company. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro . The main aim of our company is all related to the construction, rehabilitation, remodeling and expansion of housing, government buildings, school centres, hospitals, roads, sidewalks, sewer, curbs, gullies, weeding of green areas, maintenance of squares and parks, as well as also services technical, preventive and corrective electrical, hydraulic systems, sliding fire doors, telephony, networks, plumbing, carpentry, metal structures, masonry, dry wall and painting.

Quality policy: we are committed to carry out projects and works of quality that exceed the expectations of our customers, working as a team, focused towards the achievement of the objectives under the national and international standards with criterion of excellence. Our values: honesty. Liability. n Pro activity. Loyalty. Joy. Discipline. Creativity.

Warmth and Social sensitivity. Integrity. Team spirit. Punctuality. Desire of Overcoming. Love to work. Our work philosophy is based on customer satisfaction. That is why that constructions ORT, for being great professionals in the construction field, we add ethics, innovation and technology to integrate solutions that contribute to the development. Turning dreams into realities.