Software Platform

Priori with the latest version of its software platform will open up a new dimension of the optimization of manufacturing costs the advanced functionalities of the software facilitate enterprise-wide use and the cost assessment of complex product platforms Munich, Germany 10th December 2012 Priori, a leading provider of product cost management software solutions today announced that the latest version of its award-winning technology is now available. priori 2012r2 offers many advanced features of the platform across the organization can be used in global manufacturing companies. With this new version the company goes one step further, to implement cost-consciousness in the earliest phases of new product development. Paul Daversa follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. priori 2012r2 also enables the customers data from various other systems of the company, for example, ERP and PLM systems, optimal use and product cost information to all involved in the manufacturing process and product definition functional Organizational units of the company to pass on. The Priori product cost management software platform was conceived so that it helps companies keep the cost already from the outset as low as possible, by giving the employees from the areas of design & Development, procurement and manufacturing planning the necessary knowledge as well as the technological infrastructure, to quickly and accurately determine the cost of a part or of a complete product. One of the core competencies of Priori consists in the combination of the information contained in the CAD models with intelligent cost models. This allows a detailed analysis of the possible manufacturing processes as well as the generation of the corresponding cost estimates, and finally the determination of the impact of changes in product design, the selection of material, manufacturing processes, the quantities and the manufacturing site on the piece or product costs. Below a brief overview of the specific new Functionality, implemented with priori 2012r2 and which help the users, their profitability to secure: Import of complex manufacturing BOMs from ERP and PLM systems, and other enterprise applications.