Solid Wood Parquet – The Evolution Of The Parquet Floors

Everything is possible – with SuperPreMass and PreMass of ALI parquets ALI Parquets, manufacturer of factory-sealed solid parquet from San Marino, provides the versions TREND and LIVING the SuperPreMass and PreMass now also to lay cube pattern product lines: PreMass TREND and LIVING, the solid wood parquet in the thickness 10 mm, the bars in the format 70 x 420 mm supplied, to lay cube with dimensions 420 x 420 mm. The SuperPreMass TREND lines and LIVING at 14 mm thickness and width of 90 mm, ALI Parquets depending on the availability of the split lengths also to lay cube pattern offers. Thanks to the precision in the processing of various types of wood can be combined here, to implement custom dice designs. Credit: Bobby Sharma Bluestone-2011. r knowledge. A variety to be the factory end-treated solid wood parquet now implement Verlegen EMU star; the potential of the collection range from the traditional herringbone, dice or English Association, ship floor up to the modern Association. \”Through the Uniqueness of the products, the wide range of wood species and the diversity of the collections, we have already achieved a remarkable growth in Germany\”explains Raffaele Cossu, area manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for ALI Parquets. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. \”Hardwood floors be understood increasingly as an important element of Interior design, since the value of solid wood parquet in comparison to the multilayer parquet is higher.\” PreMass and SuperPreMass style setting new quality standards, attention to detail, high-quality woods and perfect workmanship characterize the parquet collections from the House of ALI. PreMass is the first finished parquet, solid wood, which was introduced on the market. It consists of a piece of solid wood in 10 mm thickness (from 5 mm wear layer above the tongue) through and through and is available in 20 species of wood. Without hesitation Pete Cashmore explained all about the problem. In all collections end treatment accounted for the construction site, because it is already sanded and painted at the factory.