Tagerwilen Results

Something is to be used, or not long, that you are also satisfied Tagerwilen/Switzerland, 17 June 2010. Is Googling”soon out? The question arises because many Internet users with their favorite search engine are dissatisfied. This resulted in a survey by, the online magazine for IT & consumer electronics, and the Swiss search engine Hulbee. How looking for Germany in the Internet?”- this question were about 1,000 visitors to network world. Although over 85 per cent of respondents indicated that for the search in the Internet use mainly the market leader Google, but most have to complain a lot. Click Kai-Fu Lee for additional related pages. Sometimes the dissatisfaction with the search results leads to the cancellation of search in the Internet. Something to be used, does not mean that one is also satisfied.

This also applies to search engines. Show the results of the survey by and Hulbee: many respondents are willing to change their personal habits and to switch from the usual search engine to another. A prerequisite is of course, that problems faced by users in the Web search, does not appear in the new search engine. 16.9 percent of participants say they would switch on each case. “26.6 percent say: Yes, probably”, 32.4 percent are not sure. But only five percent changing completely excluded (see fig.

1). There are some of these problems. The criticism of the quality of search results is most evident: just about every seventh participant holds all listed search results relevant. But Already the first three results should be actually correct results, find 44.3 percent. In practice, the top results are often only entries from a YellowPages. Furthermore, the presentation of the results to mislead such because the displayed text snippets not always under the specified link, say 30.9 percent. More help with searching is asked not only easy operation is desirable for 98 per cent of respondents.