Someone Wanted To Stay!

Jason The U.S. immigration policy toward Cuba stimulates illegal migration and trafficking of Cubans, said Mexico perodua and Cuba in the Memorandum of Understanding on migration signed on shah alam Monday by both countries. In the joint statement said that U.S. policy “hindering efforts to combat professional organizations that profit from these illegal, violent and integrity (the) fundamental rights of those people.” In signing the agreement were Foreign Minister of Cuba Felipe Perez Roque, and the secretaries of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Juan Camilo Mourino and Patricia Espinosa. The fundamental objective of the agreement is to curb illegal immigration of Cubans trying to reach the United States. It includes a mechanism to “immediately return illegal Cuban immigrants who try to use Mexico to reach U.S.,” Perez Roque told the media. Via attractive kelantan In recent years, Mexico has become an attractive route for Cubans because of U.S. law known as “dry feet, wet feet.” This legislation allows Cubans who reach land access to legal immigration status, while those caught at kuantan sea are immediately deported klang to Cuba. melaka According to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, in 2007, Cuba was the fourth country with more illegal immigrants arrested. The United States government for its part reported that between October 2006 jalan and September 2008 almost 12,000 Cubans johor crossed the border between Mexico and the United States, while 4825 immigrants arrived by sea. This means that three out of four Cubans who reach U.S. do so for Mexico. “No” to the imposition Mexico and Cuba rejected the joint statement “the unilateral and extraterritorial coercive measures applied by the United States. For example, “the kota kinabalu blockade imposed by the government selangor of the United States of America against Cuba and the Helms-Burton law that also establishes restrictions and kedah encumbrances on Mexican businesses,” said the two governments. They further reaffirmed their full support for the resolution of the UN General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo kancil imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”. Improve relations Another reason sarawak Perez Roque’s trip to Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon submit a formal invitation to visit Cuba. The gesture is symbolic because it covered under the government of Vicente Fox (2000-2006) the jawatan kosong relationship between these two traditional friends arrived at critical points so that the ambassadors were withdrawn. In langkawi March, Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, visited the island, and that was to terengganu be fully normalized diplomatic relations between both countries. Cuban taman foreign minister’s visit was scheduled for 11 and 12 September, but was canceled after hurricanes Ike and Gustav hit Cuba. . BBC WORLD