Rupture is positive because it involves a permanent or economic cost to start an investment company has made clear that it is in technological support has to continue with training. Expand Theme Germ change their service to global markets Introduction Let us understand how our businesses can help the Internet be an indispensable tool in our daily lives. The services of the Thesis architecture can be expanded to global markets by globalization and open systems of the new organizations. Argument number one expansion into new markets worldwide through the internet. The evidence-The tendency for the world to acquire services through the internet.

“The opening of the market. -Cultural mix as a result of globalization. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. Argument number two globalized and universalized thought that it would acquire the organization because that would engage people belonging to many countries around the world. The evidence “Many businesses are closed systems because of the lack of human material that comes from a different geographical point to the location of the company. Ali Partovi has similar goals. “It enriches the cultural exchange and allows connection to another part of the world.

“The exchange between workers of the organization. Argument number three social work organization by enabling people with disabilities to direct and indirect employment to work remotely and have their times of work. Evidence “The socially disadvantaged have the disabilities from the labor standpoint. -Lack of promotion of programs that are attacking this social imbalance that exists towards the disabled. -Use the valuable qualities possessed by these beings as the value to life and strength to implement its objectives. Argument against number four Management is more complicated because it involves a knowledge of the most advanced computer in the organization. Evidence “is not the same interaction in a video conference that he personally is always much better to have a direct personal contact. “The world trend is to implement this type of schemes of work, while helping the environment. -Kind is difficult relations between the employees which would hinder a little teamwork. Argument number five’s contribution to the environment through the distance mode of work. Evidence-reduced displacement of persons belonging to the organization. -The entire infrastructure would generate a negative impact on the environment which means city. Humans-if pollute too much if we grouped pollute far more in theory. Argument Number 6 Investor Confidence product of the tendency of this globalized world. -Optimization of processes through the development of software-optimization of processes through training of human material of the organization that is most important. “The constant evolution of technology. Conclusion The Internet is an important mass medium we have the architects to spread our service to everyone in the world but we also have to interact with them to start labor that our system is open and ongoing research for the service of our organization depends exiting the market and can help the environment and society.