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Cell phones, Nokia, giant gave the day news Thursday of four devices of low price and a charger of bicycle that can be connected to a bicycle, to recharge once the tires start to roll and it was mainly thinking of countries developing, where electricity is limited, worse added that the idea could scroll through other parts of the world. This technology could allow millions of users that in many parts of the world are transported via bicycle. The charger would be coming to market in late 2010 and according to Nokia, this would have a value of 15 euros. Cell phones cost between 30 to 45 euros. According to reports, these cell phones would part of phones C series, where we previously announced that Nokia C3 would be launched Colombia, which would be one of the first countries where would get this cell phone.

Some of these devices of series C, have capacity for FM Radio, flashlight, dual SIM card and the battery would have a duration of up to 6 weeks in stadby mode of. The representative of Nokia, Leo MacKay referred to the strategy that we had previously published by saying: we are aiming to initially get this in developing markets, but of course we see a great potential outside of these countries. MacKay, equally referred to cities like Amsterdam which already has the culture and custom carry bike for their work, schools, universities and homes, where at the moment there is a technology which enables them to recharge their mobile phones in an ecological manner free. These strategies that Nokia to come to pose, is probably due to the pressure that Apple, RIM BlackBerry and HTC have been generated to be growing steadily, but that Nokia to managed to keep the lead at the global level. Other news in original author and source of the article or more information.