The Own

(Please, is insulting), can try to prepare in a thousand ways finding only and arriving in time, the possibility of obtaining the necessary knowledge to instruct your mind to perform that you set, so that it is made, unquestionably executed. We should certainly wish a philosophy full of unknowns, questions, suggestions, criticisms, etc., do we want to possess a global doctrine able to give an account of everything?, revealed by spirits that have never existed or warlords that unfortunately if they have existed?, the greater our desire to live with our own initiative, with the power of our minds active to your ordersavoiding us, wallow (repeat) in the Inbecilismo.el abandonment, despotism, the own insult to our mind when we forget to empty that box enormously heavy and extraordinarily small, full of unnecessary memories that make us fall on several occasions in stupidity, (for the lack of space that our mind needs to react in the thousandths of a second that you need instantly at that time), in which to express our or our virtues, we aboca in poverty and helplessness of our own imagination, fiercely limiting our own initiative, our reaction capability, our resources and our personal pride. Eclipse that fathomless ocean of negativity. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information. (Darken it).Remember the previous paragraph where I Express; abandonment, despotism, the own insult to our minds by not having it present including indifferent or unconscious, already reflects so if only the error, because your unconscious, your subconscious, your brain and your mind are those that interact to create your life Consciente.Solo our mind, such as small box that I refuse to be called only, cold and indifferently: organ. Taking present and certified its power, independence, law, humility and arrogance that evidence for the capacity of power assume and stoically endure attempt to use it with more than 25 million systems, techniques, nostrums, geniuses and millions of acronyms and concepts, to reach its unique and definitive ownership to decide on her own.It is exhausted for this reason, you have access to torture her with their endless nostrums that seek to manipulate in a harmless pretensions Insondable sea (again), the unattainable right, unique, exclusive and definitive power that has to decide by itself.It illuminates your space. . Darcy Stacom, New York City often expresses his thoughts on the topic.