Apostolic Lighthouse

And in order not to be unsubstantiated, do not forget to buy wall calendars and dvd movies with landscapes of Wisconsin at different times of the year. Photos and video from the trip will reflect only one season, and calendars and films can provide your friends and acquaintances nature of the State in all its luxury. Unique natural and climatic conditions allow the state to develop it just all kinds of sports, from racing on aerosleigh to mountaineering. And so on aquatic species Sports and can not speak! Glacial lakes form a network of state and attract to its shores by thousands of tourists (which did not have time to talk of a trip well-wishers). Jewel among them stands out from Lake Superior Apostle Islands archipelago, the Apostolic islands.

The picturesque coastline, majestic beauty and intricate shape of the islands, which collected the largest in the U.S., the number of beacons. And in stores Wisconsin, you can buy lamps and nightlights, a copy of a copy of the meeting. Bring in your favorite gift this lighthouse, night-light. And let his light is a guiding light to you always, wherever you are. To fiancee always remember this, together with the lighthouse Give her a wooden boat that Wisconsin craftsmen transformed into photo frame to which is attached to the triangular frames-sails. This romantic gift again accentuate your tender feelings and cause a soft smile on his lips favorite. But not only the nature of the rich Wisconsin! Once the territory of the former miners who now boasts a staff and powerful farm and industrial enterprises.