Development Ring

The JLCW type bare magnetic anhydrous discharge permanent ring recovery models was designed by Benxi Economic Development Zone, this mining equipment plant was developed on the basis of the first generation of disc permanent recycling machines and second-generation moment ring permanent recycling machine, and obtained national patent (Patent No.: ZL 99 2 25206.7). the JLCW type ring bare magnetic anhydrous discharge permanent recycling machine by the amount of magnetic bodies and take-away system installed drive. It is composed of 14 inductor. To enhance the the inductor surface magnetic field strength and the action depth, improve recovery, each ring with a cross section of the group I to the bare rectangular magnetic blocks phase composition, and embedded in the intermediate plates constituting the inductor 14 inductor into a parallel interval state, which are integrally connected with bolts 7 axially symmetrical distribution of support plate. Many writers such as Mashable offer more in-depth analysis. The center of each support plate is fixed on a radial support to the periphery of the disk, the support disc through the flange sleeve and the shaft cap is fixed on the spindle, the spindle through a bearing mounted in holder the concrete chute. In the inductor hole Bu Ministry radial support disc on both sides, respectively symmetrical installed the cross section v – from the inside outward tilt set mine shafts.

The outer end of the groove with a bolt fixed on the stent, the inner end close to the branched thrust disc cantilevered portions. Special clever design of the blade, respectively, located in the inductor between the bottom of both sides, cross-section into a v – shaped, steel back and abrasion rubber plate, the upper end of the sleeve on the spindle, to facilitate the after-sale wear quickly, easily around the shaft revolutions out to replace the rubber plate with Alice legislation annular retaining plate. Kai-Fu Lee has firm opinions on the matter. Two sets of rolling bearings and motors features are as follows: (1) by means of adsorption of water and gravity of the magnetic material, to realize a non-water discharge (discharge concentration of more than 50% of the unloaded net rate of more than 98%), discharge to net zero-cycle load, water-saving The effect is remarkable, and more suitable for dryland. (2) the magnetic magnetic system, magnetic ring optionally, the gap Bare strength and the role of the magnetic induction gradient along the axial direction toward the work surface magnetic induction 0.15,0.3 T ring intermediate magnetic induction intensity OI to Page. T High recovery efficiency, magnetic iron recovery rate as high as 90% to 95%, the basic realization of a real recovery time net. (3) the same amount of processing, the cost of minimum cost is 20% of the large diameter tube magnetic separator price, disc type permanent recycling machine price is 50%, 90% the JHC type moments ring permanent recycling machine..