The Arguments

In addition, the trend line is began on 28th July, also intersects with the level of $ 1325.00. Line downward Fibonacci 0.382 of 28th July to 9th of November, also shows for $ 1325. From the foregoing, I conclude that the level of $ 1,325 will probably be a strong resistance level and reporting mark for the bulls and the beginning of a new rally. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. Let's just look at the relationship between silver and gold, if you still need the arguments in favor of buying gold. Although silver has not received much publicity in the hands this year as gold futures is very quiet up to $ 10.00 up to $ 29.34 This movement is equal to $ 50,000 for a single contract or a gold equivalent, smooth increase of gold from $ 1000 to $ 1500! Phenomenal movement … and this happened for 3 month! At this movement, the relationship between gold and silver sank to its lowest level since 2008, when gold was around $ 1000 and silver was above $ 20.00. While the ratio was 48.8 and now it is 52.5 Indicator 50 days for MCA This ratio shows the level of 57.8 and 200 63.9 MCA shows I want to see this ratio at 55-57, before I start looking for possible long entry.

When gold was $ 1350, 3rd November, silver was $ 24.00, which gave to ratio slightly above 55. This is yet another confirmation of my beliefs about the possibility of installing a new long position in gold at this level. Recommendations on options for Gold: You can ask me the question: 'What do I do if gold will not reach our level of $ 1325, and instead focus on today's level of $ 1350, or will unfold in general, and start a new upward movement? I then lose the ability to log into a new position and will miss the chance to earn back gold? " – No! You can add the sales strategy of the option, while you are waiting for lowering the market to at least $ 1325 and possibly $ 1290. If someone asked you today if you want to have a long position in gold at the $ 1300 and still get $ 1350, what would you say? If you say 'Yes', then you may consider selling the December 1300 put option, which will give you $ 1350 and bonus payments. This option ends on the 28th of December sale of the options include unlimited risk, and may not be suitable for everyone investor. If you are interested in strategies with options, contact your introducing broker and he will explain all the nuances of the more detailed detalyah.Esli market will fall to $ 1290, you will be assigned a long position at the level of $ 1300. With the premium you received from the sale of put option, you will cover the costs. If the market does not fall to this level you simply exit the position with a profit of $ 1350