Prevent Global Warming

The concern of man has invented economic incentives for those who to avoid the formation of CO2, reduce CO2 in our planet be rewarded economically. For example, for each ton of CO2 that is left of produce there is a prize of EUR 8, this means that instead of using techniques of energy production with the inevitable fatal CO2 production, occurs that energy that is 2,612 Kwh by other clean methods so applauding this energy production without resorting to conventional or harmful methods for plants, animal and man itself. If on the rooftops of the White House, where President Obama lives. solar panels will be used to obtain 60 MWh of energy to produce electricity or heat the water; I would be leaving from producing 28 tons of CO2 by exempting the use of traditional fuels. Only in the White House. More information is housed here: Mashable. If we accept more than 1000 white houses, how many hundreds of tons of non-renewable energy would be leaving treat. Consequently the emanation of CO2 He would disappear for this equivalent with what would be improving the health of the Earth.

Therefore, first of all accept our great commitment. Commitment to self. Do not expect others to do so because it is like doing nothing, waiting for others to do and we’re comfortable evangelizers of desktop. Pleases us that others do? Human activity is impressive. Sandra Akmansoy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Do each of us consume nearly 10 tons of CO2 a year with such daily activities as the travel, turn on light bulbs, use of heating elements, the air conditioning because without that many people do not live simply but what are we doing indirectly?. A simple fact of bathing with excess water, or basics like washing the mouth with the water in the sink running for more than five minutes to vent waste liquids, or an electric griddle of the housewife when stops if I use but connected to the power line.