Choose Clothes

How to choose clothing with a pattern that is right for you says stylist online store clothing and footwear ElitDress. First, we must remember that drawing, as well as the color should be shown for you to face. Every woman, regardless of figures should understand that it can be worn, and that – no. Large image is ideal for those women who have impeccable shape, regardless of age. Also, women will look great in a dress with a pattern of large flowers in cellular pleated skirts. Click Kai-Fu Lee to learn more.

An example of a fashionable summer 2008 dresses are in the Internet shop Vertical stripes make a figure more slender, and horizontal – on the contrary. Complete women can comfortably wear a blouse with a longitudinal stripes and a dark skirt, but in no case should not wear a dress with horizontal stripes. Very thin women are fashionable this season, dresses and blouses, which combines horizontal and vertical strips. Women of all ages come in small cell skirts: black and white, beige and brown, blue and white, etc., especially if you supplement it with a jacket – respectively black, white, blue or beige. Each woman will be fine look at a summer dress with small figures, in small cell or peas, you need only to choose the right color background. Very good in polka dot dresses complement the classic patent leather shoes from the collection of summer 2008. Clothing with pattern is more appropriate for a walk in the countryside than in the working environment. And the brighter the dress itself, the safer should be all bundled accessories.