Administration Company

If the company has committed to deliveries on time, the indicator of percentage of deliveries is important and establishes aligned to the commitment. Targets for this indicator will be according to the offered to the client. b. realistic. Attached to what the company can make and market conditions; also in line with the capacities of employees and provide them with the control and tools necessary for its achievement. c.

challengers: should motivate the employee to his achievement, generate healthy competition and challenge to achieve new levels of productivity and effectiveness. d. achievable. With regard to literal to), but emphasize that they are to motivate and move towards higher levels of quality and efficiency. Generating indicators with overly high levels, they can become in demotivation. measurable. It sounds redundant, but the indicator must be accessible for easy measurement.

The collection of the information necessary to measure it must be accessible and reliable. f sistematizable: the indicator must be able to generate without handle or handle too many variables, should preferably be the product of a system computerized and administered by an independent person to the subject of measurement. 4th. Establish incentives based on indicators. Many companies now manage their incentives (call bonuses, increases and promotions), according to the results of management indicators. The results of the indicators can relate to the form of payment of bonds, according to the levels achieved in the indicator corresponding to the area or Department to which the employee belongs. 5th. Launch the program. Management indicators are an entire project management and can be applied in all areas of the company. The Administration must inform each employee the way how you measure, also indicating the benefits that will have to meet them, but also penalties for those that do not cover them. 6th. Feedback. If it is first time It will implement a program of indicators, we must be open to correct, modify and expand how to measure.