Pharmacies are demanding payment of the $ 125 million that the Board owes them. Albacete is the only province that did not join the protest. Disciplinary proceedings will be opened to pharmacies that have closed. The health advisor of the Government of Castilla – La Mancha, Jose Ignacio Echaniz, has said that the resounding closure of pharmacies that occurred Thursday in the community is a useless measure, because his Department has no money for the payment of money owed to pharmacists. The vast majority of pharmacies in all the provinces of Castile – La Mancha, Albacete except, have seconded resounding way closing convened as a protest measure by the debt of 125 million euros that keeps the regional government with the sector since mid-May. Just 91 pharmacies of the 1,030 that there are in the provinces of Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo have opened, in addition to the 221 who remained on duty in these four provinces and the 244 Albacete that have not joined this lockout, according to the data provided by the regional government and the official colleges of pharmacists.

The conflict between pharmacists and the new Government of the PP in Castilla – La Mancha has been increasing since the beginning of July, when the Health Minister met with the Regional Council of official colleges of pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha (Cofcam) to give a solution to non-payment of invoices. Since that time, the debt has grown and now stands at 125 million euros corresponding to the wholesome monthly payments in June and July and half of the month of May. Without money the counseling he has no money, the Government of Barreda has not left money to deal with all the payments, has secured Echaniz, who pointed out: do not have capacity to Treasury to pay not only pharmacists but also to other providers. For this reason, it has urged pharmacists of Castilla – La Mancha to accommodate the solution proposed by the financial entities, which passes by the advancement of the payment of the invoices without involves heritage endorsement. The same problem other autonomous communities have it as the Balearic Islands and La Rioja, took it Murcia and is beginning to have Valencia, (all pp) as he has recognized the general secretariat of the Business Federation of Spanish pharmacists and pharmacy Employers Federation President of Castile – La Mancha, Maria Dolores Espinosa. The difference with the rest of the autonomous communities is that in Castilla – La Mancha there are numerous municipalities with very little population and rural pharmacies represent 80% of which there are in the region. It’s small towns in which solely responsible for health is the pharmacist, said Espinosa, and is precisely the survival of these pharmacies which is in jeopardy because they can not cope with payment of medicines. Source of the news: La Junta de Castilla – La Mancha said that the closure of pharmacies is “useless” because there is no money