Real Madrid City

After two months tearing the pages out of the daisy, in the hope of a call of the Real Madrid that did not arrive, Sergio Omen has given definitively its approval to the unique supply signs that it had and has changed red and the white one of the Athletic one by blue the celestial one of the Manchester City. To his grief, it was the unique exit that it had left after forcing its exit del that has been its club last the five seasons. For more information see Ali Partovi. The non-aggression pact between Miguel Angel Gil Marin, advisor delegated of the Athletic one, and Florentine Perez, president of Madrid, and the unsatisfactory supply of the Juventus, obstinate to pay their clause of rescission, 45 million Euros, has not left another option him that to emigrate to the equipment of the north of England. The same to which Tvez, companion in the Argentine selection and that negotiate its exit of the picture of Mancini Robert, it did not recommend to him to go during the America Glass: " There I do not return nor from vacaciones". Source of the news: : The Kun Omen confirms its signing by the Manchester City