Ceramic Heaters

square. but in most cases do not meet safety, have a small share of work, a large mass and size, and energy-intensive inferior in almost all respects eloktronagrevateley with other insulators. If we consider that while they are still high cost, it makes them uncompetitive – see 'Ceramic Heaters – yesterday, industrial heating. " Electric heaters with ceramic insulators in the form of "dressing" spiraling to TSEs transfer heat heated object by conduction, have the maximum density heat flux of 15 W / cm. square.

but generally used for small objects, as in "daubing" spiraling to TSEs large diameter dramatically increases their size, weight and increasing energy consumption. Cost elektrogagrevateley with such great insulators. Electric heaters with insulators of mica materials transfer heat heated object by conduction, have the maximum density of the heat flow of up to 8,5 W / cm. square., of unlimited size of the object being heated, have high efficiency and low power consumption, long life operation and high reliability in the desired range of operating temperatures, can have high Ingress protection from the environment, small thickness, mass and thermal inertia, it is cheaper than electric heaters with ceramic insulators. However, the technical standard of electrical heaters is strongly dependent on the level of design and manufacturing technology. This is confirmed by the figures mentioned in the 'Map of the technical level. " As can be seen from the table, the maximum heat flux density in Depending on the supplier, ranging from 4 to below 8.5 W / cm.