Water Recycling

Sale of treatment facilities for auto-closed loop, under the name Flamingo, also in demand by consumers. This equipment belongs to the flotation-filtration installations range of FFU. Extended the scope of the water recycling systems, allowing treatment to apply for car Flamingo and food industry, and in the road sector, and households to purify water from rain run-offs, makes this equipment is very popular. One important feature of the wastewater treatment plant flamingo is universality of its use: install and Flamingo suitable as an intermediate stage of water purification and as a primary care treatment facility. Ability to select the necessary equipment, which maximally satisfy all customer requirements – a significant plus of this equipment. Removable storage tank for water, extra pumps, water treatment up to 97%.

Of the downsides of this operation should be noted plants for sewage treatment only in closed environments with zero temperature, which is not always convenient for equipment car wash. Similar characteristics to the installation of wastewater treatment system and the Flamingo has SCAT. She also referred to as the model range of treatment FFU. When cleaning and preparing the water in this system can be used not only mechanical and chemical cleaning methods. German quality treatment Car wash facilities can be tested using water recirculation systems KARCHER. For example, KARCHER HDR 555 is used to clean water and make it reusable, as well as saving detergent. System water recycling KARCHER HDR 555 clears the water used for cleaning not only the surfaces of the car, but its internal parts.

Cleaning and preparation of water under pressure and then applying technology to regenerate this plant occurs at a rate of 200 liters per hour. Dirty waste water is purified in the installation with strainer and chemical ingredients that contribute to the splitting of water molecules and other substances. Together with KARCHER car wash wastewater treatment no less in demand and water recycling systems for car washes APOC. This equipment can save up to 90% water and reuse it for washing cars. Water treatment through recycling systems APOC occurs through the drainage system, sterilization, removal of odors and water through a lot of sand and gravel filters. At the plant output purified water fed under pressure and completely reusable. Plus: a simple and easy to use design and operation of treatment plants for car APOC suitable for use in any climatic conditions. Less: after using the prepared and purified water through a system of water recycling by the manufacturers APOC recommends rinsing the car with clean water (not from the installation of a water). Make the right choice to be with you, but in any case, giving preference to one or another manufacturer for car cleaning, remember that your choice will depend on the success and well-established work of all components of your business.